I was so excited when Bree asked me to take her and her Fiancé’ Blake’s engagement photos! I had heard SO much about Blake but never had the chance to meet him, until FINALLY our schedules all seemed to work out!

Bree and I recently met a couple months ago when she was hired at the nursing facility I work at, after moving out here from Texas with Blake. We instantly became friends and realized how similar our lives were (On top of the fact we are WAY to much alike)! She is recently engaged to the love of her life Blake!

I can’t really find any other words to explain it other than- when we went to take photos the connection between the two of them was very apparent. The respect and love that they showed each other was the type of love you see in movies. I’m so excited for them, and their wedding in June!! Congratulations, you are both amazing!


You would never know that they weren’t models either (:

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